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The Patagonia is a geographical region located in the most southern part of South America. It is located principally in Argentina and a more limited portion, on the West of the Mountain range of the Andes, on Chilean territory. Also at present the term is used often like reference to the whole southern end of the Southern Cone. The Patagonia subdivides in turn in two areas known as Western or Chilean Patagonia and Oriental or Argentine Patagonia. Partly of this area the Mountain range of the Andes is the limit between Chile and Argentina. Nevertheless, both sides of the mountain range present evidently different characteristics. This way, traditionally the Chilean Patagonia is a very mountainous region of glaciation and subsidence, which extends from the Bosom of Reloncaví the Tierra del Fuego. In her a narrow coastal plain is located; Mountain range of the Coast affected intensely by tectonics of subsidence; central plain the same way affected by this agent; continental Patagonian mountain ranges with rivers and lakes of tectonic control; Patagonian snowstorms of the Pacific Ocean; insular Patagonian mountain ranges fragmented in channels of type fjord, archipelagoes, islands and islets; finally, the high grounds of the cold steppe magallánica. Viajes Patagonia Voyage Patagonie